Safe Love Playshops

Our Safe Love & Smart Sex Playshop Series (seven modules) are designed to provide a safe space for people to openly examine the cultural myths, and media manipulations running interference¬†with our truest desires. In our first module, we discover how “Titanic Sex”¬†(starts as a grand adventure–ends as an epic disaster ) could be impacting our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Safe Love Brings Out The Most, Not The Least In Us

Safe love resonates deeply with what we know in our hearts. Moe Russ provides language for a new conversation.

Passion, Connection & Romance

Without passion our connection is weak.

Without connection, romance cannot register.

Without romance, passion has no inspiration.




~Moe Russ

Body, Mind & Soulmate

Our soulmate story is as old as time.

The mind merely represents experience.

The body expresses the soul.



~Moe Russ

Sustainable, Renewable, Sexual Energy

Chasing the delirious first blush of romance is tempting.

Expanding beyond chemistry into energy creates lasting love.

It is from this place we are literally “making love”, with life itself.

~Moe Russ

Safe Love and Smart Sex Sounds REALLY good to me.

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