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Do I Have A Titanic Sex Problem?

Titanic Sex; Starts as a grand adventure ends as an epic disaster!

Wanting, not wanting, desiring, hiding from desire.

Wildly open and shut down like a clam.

Never understanding the full origin of the desire. Is this my desire or all desire sweeping through me.

WOW!  Who knew, women spend more money on trying to compete on the basis of their looks than men spend on porn! Now that a woman can plan her life beyond 28 days, and the planet faces more danger from overpopulation than species survival, understanding our motivation when we are having sex has never been more important. As the old facade of the gender binary crumbles before our eyes, what do we really know about men, women, sex and power, and how does it apply to our lives today?


Passion – that deep, wonderful, thigh-quivering passion – sometimes to include weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth – never to be confused with  DRAMA is the element that keeps the blood properly heated to 98.6 Fahrenheit. Women have been shamed for their passion, and blamed for other’s passions throughout history. Femme fatales, the witches who were burned at the stake for their mysterious powers, all the way through to modern times wherein we worship the singing underwear belly button dancer du jour,  In module two we will explore who “owns” desire, and how to make distinctions between passion and aggression. We will discover how drama and aggression are coupled, and how owning our desires, and taking responsibility for our own passion liberates us in our desire to be delightfully, gloriously invested in our sensuality.


Connection. In this new pornography infused post sexual revolution landscape how is that we hunger, crave and long for connection.
We declare we are DTF and then find ourselves full of anxiety wanting some form of validation for our participation. Am I desirable?
Am I beautiful? How do I compare? Am I slutty? Too slutty? Not slutty enough? Slightly more than one hundred years ago a woman who had sex outside of marriage would be shunned for being a “fallen” woman.
The most significant aspect of navigating the new cultural landscape is to examine our motivations for sexual activity. What are we really down for?
Sexuality can be experienced as a deeply connecting experience or a brief interlude that is largely disconnected.  Because newness and infrequency are such powerfully aphrodisiacs, in either case sexuality is often a source of simply wonderful sensations. The default identification for the resulting feelings is “love”. But is it love or oxytocin? What is your partner feeling? Why does it matter? Knowing what you want from your experiences and feeling free to communicate exactly that, is what Safe Love is all about.



Newsflash: Men and Women are from the same planet! The fellow who disagrees with this idea sold a lot of books. He was a celibate monk throughout his formative years. This author is disinclined to take relationship advice from a man who skipped out on sex from the time he was 18 until he was in his late twenties. Men are deeply interested in expressing their romantic side. Would you like to know how you can liberate this natural inclination from your partner? The lure of “dressing up” is at source the desire to present our romantic sides. We wish to be found attractive. And we spend literally billions on that objective. The entire advertising industry is based on the need people share to be found attractive to potential mates.

Body, Mind, Soulmate

Deleting Drama

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple command in your system that would allow you to delete drama as easily as you erase a text message.

The 72 Hour Solution

Sustainable, Renewable Sexual Energy: The Seventy Two Hour Solution

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