The Land of Bingo

Can Buck Steelpipe prevent Phibby Amor, one of Bingo’s most dynamic, weird and loveable Mermaids from infecting the other Mermaids with her “source code” blah, blah, blah. How could a man as pricipaled as Toronto really be Buck Steelpipe’s BFF?

Chapter One - The Dastardly Buck Steelpipe

by Moe Russ


This Morning I Awoke #33

This morning I awoke

Longing to be sand.

Wind weary of being this mountain.

Too tall.

Too certain.



I will have you

For what it’s worth

With dignity and balance in mind,

Make you up again on paper,

Cut and paste you to the form


This Morning I Awoke #18

This morning I awoke

A melancholy January snowfall.

No ambition



Where are you now?


Science Divorces Pluto

I wanted to visit that planet

Explore that territory;

Rumors of a vaunted climate

Piqued my curiosity

Inspiring wild imagining.



Resist fight or flight. Embrace mend and tend. 

We are way past woke, we are ready to do the work of the an evolutionary human. We are committed to non-violent communication and creating a non-violent world.  We are past the trap of either/or black/white, this/that. Balance is the key to the world we are creating. Our world view lives at the intersection of timeless truth, deep compassion and pure love. Resist flight and flight. Embrace mend and tend.

A Spiritual Center

We encourage a spiritual practice. Some people pray. Some people practice meditation. Some people connect with their soul in nature. Any and all activities that allow you to connect with life, expressing your creativity, with harm to none is endorsed.

Dating & Mating

The sexual revolution is over. Everyone lost.  Unable to establish the connections we desire we settle for “TitanicSex”, which always starts as a grand adventure and always ends as an epic disaster.  Swiping left and right for the chance to pass body parts about on a random stranger to scratch the itch, and provide the ego with a stroke of validation or rejection as is your preference. It is less likely to solve for love, support and understanding. 

At Work & At Home

The world has changed. Women can now plan their life beyond 28 days. The old rules no longer apply – and yet we have no agreement for our new rules.  Women’s liberation has liberated women to work both inside and outside the home – or be the adult on duty in both arenas. 


Our imagination for how human sexuality works, looks and acts is deeply influenced by pornography. Pornography is junk sex, sex acts portrayed by sex actors as part of a for profit business model. If porn were to be believed, a woman is a block of concrete and a man is a jackhammer, harder, harder, faster, faster. Which has nothing to do with how sexual energy is liberated. 

In the Community

War as an option for ending international conflict is obsolete. Turning our backs on climate change is obsolete. 
Lack of diversity and inclusivity is obsolete. How do we defend our values in the greater community in an effective way? 

Raising Children

How we raise our children matters.
What are you doing to raise your children with love, respect and affection. What kind of family life do you want for you and your children? There are CHOICES.

Argue, criticize and explode – Appreciate, co-create, evolve – Avoid, conceal, exclude – Accept, connect, explore – Produce, consume, perform, compete- Create, connect, collaborate, and celebrate.