In a post-truth world, where we sneer at science, and embrace fake news the only logical choice for a thought leader such as myself is to announce my candidacy for President of the Universe, AKA POTU. My presidency will be a placeholder presidency for those who woke up shocked or disappointed on November 9, 2016. I’m  green like Jill. I’ve been a Bernie Fangirl since 1998. I have a serious wonky side and a Vajayjay like Hillary and exactly like  our president-elect, I too have no public service experience whatsoever.   If your candidate didn’t win, consider that they were stuck in the oldest possible story of western civilization playing the wrong game, by the wrong rules, and failure was inevitable. We are playing an outdated game called Power. Our option is to play the Strength game. Drill down on the difference here. The number one plank in my platform is Sustainable, Renewable, Sexual Energy. Become a member of the 21st Century Intergalactic Planning Council with a simple campaign contribution. Like Moe Russ’s Facebook page to connect.