Dock of the Bay

by Moe Russ

Prolonged isolation,

Home of the Brave

Sleep deprivation,

Land of the Free;

Painful body positions and

My county ‘tis

Punitive control over life’s most intimate functions

Produced overwhelming stress in these prisoners.

Fore spacious sky

Stress led in turn to despair;

Amber waves –

Uncontrollable anxiety –

Purple mountains,

And a collapse of self-esteem.

Fore score and seven years ago

Hallucinations and delusions ensued.

Our fore father brought forth

Prisoners who had been through this treatment became pliable

Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the purpose

And craved companionship,

Usurped by the Washington cabal

Easing the way for captors to obtain the

(Ivy League thugs got)

“Confessions” they sought
Silenced by the debris of the twin towers,

Bloodless heart liberals

Have lost collective will.

Gone home, Rip Van Winkle.