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i am unbounded of this DNA

Pulling my face up out of that languid yesterday

world of


I am unbounded of this DNA

sticky stuck corner

we can call off the coroner’s

as the dead DNA has

been expunged

And tomorrow will be nothing more

than coffee shops full of cinnamon

crunchy dutch apple pie slices
Perfect round red maple trees

next to honeysuckles in blossom
and the adventures of

a girl gone wilder than

an exposed section of human flesh

a girl gone wild with

the joy of self


dusted and shaken loose

of a face full of languid yesterdays

2014 © Moe Russ

Sighing with resignation, he explains
The how and why of his disconnection
My condition is that of a comet
The Cowboy advises
”You wouldn’t want to try to lasso a comet

As if the comet can be defined outside my threefold
Speed of light
My vast dark universe
contrast brilliant showers
My perfectly magnetized space
Draw to rest the core
When all debris burns off
Breathe easy dear bright one
Know yourself a part of
Not so apart.

2017 © Moe Russ

A Gentleman’s Gift

This morning I awoke
springtime sprinkled mountain wildflowers
Sunlight dancing
Musky earth reborn

Eager for you

To lie your weight into me

Gloriously released

Crushing fragrance
Into scent

1998 © Moe Russ




This present absence

Absent Presence


that you are

Presently of me

In and around me

Surrounding me

Beyond possession

Cosponsored by our faint courage

And endless curiosity


Without longing

No invention

No interpretation

No agenda

No hunger

No fear

No condition

Introduced by intuition

Far beyond imagination

Seamlessly abundant

Freely moving energy

(As proposed)

Anointed consecrated

Sacred space




(as proposed…)

Aeons in the making

How brilliant to be inside the innocence of



1998 © Moe Russ

Decade of The Dutiful

Decade of The Dutiful

Decade of the Dutiful 

I went all corporate on my on ass

I went all prodigal does dutiful. 

I went all crazy with excel spreading sheets all 

Over numbers that were all about quotas 

And other largely meaningless (to me) things

I went all expensive rah-rah sports car 


With a lovely red ribbon on the top provided 

By the predatory lender that keeps calling me 

For the monies

Now that the bottom has dropped 

Into the laps of the trickled upon.
And I say WHAT?



 Call the CEO of the big bailout  bank 

Toasting his toenails basking in the 

Bahamian sun.

Starboard side. 

He got the bonus 

I got the trick that keeps on trickling. 


I got the antique parents 

Every so beautiful in the smallest moments 

As my heart aches 

Witnessing their decline 

And my soul brims with awe

For the strength 

Of spirit

Clinging to the carcass.

But no! 

I can’t let go 

I never said I was done with life

She’s baking pies for Easter 

And making Pork and Sauerkraut 

For New Years Eve Parties 

And he’s writing memoirs 

About a boy who went to world war II

I went all black to the funerals 

I went all walking in the Valley of Death

One sister

One Brother 

Same cancer.

We sing Danny Boy when they pass 

Wail and keen and laugh

And share euphemisms like “graduate”

And the phenomenon that is death 

Sits all around me 


And in the back corner 

On the back burner 

I went all sad for pieces and parts

 Of me that were languishing

When I went all corporate on my own ass.

That decade is done. 

I’m going all home to myself. 

On the back burner

I went all sad for pieces and parts

Of me that were languishing

When I went all corporate on my own ass.

That decade is done.

I’m  taking me back.


2018 © Moe Russ

The Predators Lament | #metoo, #timesup

The Predators Lament | #metoo, #timesup

The Predator’s Lament

Oh! for the taste of
Fresh flesh rising.
Voiceless passing pressing of fresh flesh rising.
The bottom of being skimming along the surface of
Fresh flesh rising.
Lost to the small hushed crushed hurried flurry of
Fresh flesh rising.
-miniaturized in this,
-minimized in this, compromised,
faithless desperation.
Reaching to find release— for the moment
from the broken ache,
caged aloneness.
Flesh rising and falling
Without support, of
Whole unbounded elevated spirit.
Whole unbounded spirit whispers gently,
“You are full of know better”.
Outside the gift of exchange,
Infinity has been suffering—
From technical difficulties.

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