Aren't We Beautiful!

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The Predators Lament

The Predator’s Lament

Oh! for the taste of
Fresh flesh rising.
Voiceless passing pressing of fresh flesh rising.
The bottom of being skimming along the surface of
Fresh flesh rising.
Lost to the small hushed crushed hurried flurry of
Fresh flesh rising.
-miniaturized in this,
-minimized in this, compromised,
faithless desperation.
Reaching to find release— for the moment
from the broken ache,
caged aloneness.
Flesh rising and falling
Without support, of
Whole unbounded elevated spirit.
Whole unbounded spirit whispers gently,
“You are full of know better”.
Outside the gift of exchange,
Infinity has been suffering—
From technical difficulties.

Eight Eleven AM

Eight Eleven AM
Yesterday (right around 8:11AM)
I found myself
To Be Home
Inside this skin
Stripped of the
Foreign cloth
Culture Cloak & Dagger free

This wisp and smoke like
Life Force
Described by some
Of my favorite onlookers
As formidable or intense
Has not yet begun to shine
Out loud.
Naked soul food menu
Banquet replete en route

I was never bad.

I was deemed, by age three to be
Wicked carnivorous lust
Stupefied by intoxicants
Liar whore thief
Mea Culpa kneeling head
Wondering in my wild eyed
Inner sense
Can this being
Fully flawed rife with evil
deserve a good life?
Until yesterday (right around 8:11AM )
I would have said no.

Woman Dancing in Limmerick

Woman Dancing in Limerick

She was all things woman
Wavy raven colored hip length hair
Swirling round her undulations
Arms praying above her head
Fingers licking up the sky as a flame
Encircles fire wood
Ancestral Celtic goddesses
Fully alive in her presence
She ruled the full moon night
Lust of the ancients joyously unfurled
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Fully Beautiful

Fully Beautiful

I long to be fully beautiful again
Passionately held
Touched, tongue deep inside
Rocked stretched pushed and pulled
Screaming delight
Fully realized
fully beautiful

Drown my stubborn will to be some solitary soldier
Armed by pluck and fortitude
Against the winds of time stretching endlessly
Into cycles of
Full moons
Made hollow by empty beds

Yes this is life
This is life
This is life
That we chase
Seek hunger and long for
We have and we will
Scheme and dream
And lie and cheat and steal
And hope and plot and fantasize about
This life of passion and poetry
Glistening commingling juices
Celebrate this integration

Damn all to hell
those who think less,
of life made whole
By naked flesh

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