In lieu of our strongest collective voice the past will continue to define and divide us.

Gender Roles: Power & Sex

Evolving Past the Myths and Lies

As Western women, we have more freedom, sovereignty, and autonomy than at any time in the history of the species.
Are we choosing  self-imposed enslavement to historic definitions of who we are?

Moe Russ is passionately committed to sharing a revolutionary  perspective, framing respect for our bodies, by teaching the use of a clear and unmistakable vocabulary that is both feminist and humanist.  You are invited to join her in the Safe Love & Smart Sex Movement. Together we can shift from gender bias to gender balance.

Titanic Sex

(Starts as a grand adventure ends as an epic disaster)

Are you tired of endless hookups that either lead to unsatisfying one night stands, crappy drama-filled relationships ending in painful ugly breakups?  Or worse yet— a passionless couple that shares nothing but the same space and the bills? You are trapped in a Titanic Sex loop. Safe Love is your lifeboat!

Safe Love


You are entitled to experience sustainable, renewable, sexual energy, in a relationship full of passion, connection and romance, with a body, mind and soul mate – learn how to define your choices with a specific vocablulary and  set of behaviors that will support you in making a world of Safe Love the center of your life.

The Path


Longing for (and a bit terrified by) the prospect of true intimacy? Join us for the Safe Love Seven work/playshops to discover exactly what Safe Love is all about. Come away with a powerful clear language to share your wants, needs and desires in a voice that can be heard and understood.

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